Adam Lovasz

Fintech researcher
Former Pilot
Carpe Diem
📍San Francisco, CA


Hey there! I am thrilled to share my story with you.
I have a passion for crafting connections between individuals and products, a skill that propels innovation and fosters growth. Drawing from my experience as a venture-backed startup founder in San Francisco, I've navigated the dynamic tech and fundraising landscape, forging strategic partnerships across the United States, Switzerland, Italy, and the UK. I've had the privilege of sharing my insights and entrepreneurial journey as a speaker at Stanford University, in addition to other public engagements at the Swiss Stock Exchange headquarters in Zurich and several conferences in San Francisco.
I hold a bachelor's degree in International Banking and Finance from Franklin University in the heart of Lugano, Switzerland. During this time, I worked as a research partner in the finance department, assessing cutting-edge fintech solutions and offering strategic guidance in risk management. I published a comprehensive research thesis on digital currency and asset insolvency risk.Throughout my professional journey, I've played a pivotal role in securing venture funding for companies spanning from Blockchain DLT solutions to pioneering MedTech advancements in BCI neuroscience technology. Driven by my unwavering commitment to ethics and proactive problem-solving, I ensure that integrity and initiative are my core pillars of service with every project I undertake. My dedication lies in harnessing my expertise to forge impactful connections.As a testament to my resilience and drive, I want to share that I am incredibly proud and grateful to be here today. In the past 3 years, amidst all the exciting work and professional milestones, I've fought for my life multiple times.I am a proud survivor of multiple neurosurgeries.Through the most difficult challenge of my life, I've built myself back up to be the strongest, fittest, bravest, and most resilient version of myself.But let's get to the fun stuff. Read more about what I've been up to here.Always happy to chat or better yet, have a call! Get in touch


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📍San Francisco, CA
📍Zurich, CH

Degree: B.S. International Banking and Finance
Thesis Research: The Role of Reserve Management Practices Mitigating Insolvency Risk for Stablecoins in Crypto & Financial Markets
Research Assistant: Finance Department (FinTech)

FAA Part 61 ASEL license
350+ hours flight time, 14 different aircraft types
Qualified for Part 107 Commercial Drone operations

(formerly Vylto)
Co-founded and worked directly with the technical team to build an industry-first consumer-friendly live events platform built entirely on blockchain technology.
Gained up to 15,000 monthly active users.We built a parallel Web3<>Web2 backend software optimizing the security & efficiency necessary for high-volume live events ticketing purchases.

Completed a Citi (APAC) virtual internship program via Forage.Delivered business comparables, quantitative analysis, financial ratio analysis, and modeled key findings into a comprehensive presentation.

Speaker at Stanford University covering NFT technology and utility in the live events industry.
April 18, 2022

Guest speaker on the Emerging Tech Founders panel.Discussed utility tokenomics, the role of a digital asset class in consumer markets, & why we all need to be paying more attention to NFT infrastructure (specifically with respect to transaction settlement, risk mitigation & analytics)

Certified by Bloomberg in core market concepts such as Fixed Income, Equities, critical Economic Indicators, and operating the Bloomberg Terminal.Credential: 159607023230

(Formerly F10)
Tenity is a global innovation ecosystem and early-stage investor making innovation work and advancing the future of finance.
Completed Batch 8 of the Tenity Fintech Startup Incubator in Zurich, Switzerland. The 6-month program crafted partnerships with enterprise partners such as Microsoft, SIX stock exchange, and Post Finance.